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Trade Card Update
Posted by Bruce Kamm on November 01 2013 09:54 PM

Details about the Trade Card have been updated. Check out the new card designs at then click here to review the articles and details. 

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New Support Suite
Posted by Bruce Kamm on October 07 2013 09:14 PM

Welcome to the new VirtualBarter Support Suite...

In our quest to provide the ultimate technology advances and support, we welcome you to the new VB Support Community.

Please utilize this site to easily enter trouble tickets with details about issues, search the Knowledgebase to get answers to most of your questions, ask questions, and get the latest news, as well as post comments and suggestions for new features.

If you don't already have an account on the VirtualBarter Support Suite, simply click the Register Button to create an account so you can manage and track support tickets, as well as assure you receive the latest updates and news, as well as timely information to enhance your business. You can also enter your email address to just Subscribe to News and Updates.

Welcome to a new world of online trading and world class support.

~ Team VirtualBarter

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Change Log
Posted by Bruce Kamm on April 27 2012 07:19 PM

As we continually implement many small enhancements and tweaks to the vBarter software, the Change Log provides details about noteworthy fixes, modifications and enhancements. Check back often to review the Change Log, as new enhacements and fixes will periodically be added to the top of each list.

Last Update: 1/27/2013


  • Added a threshold so that past due cash fees under $25.00 will no longer cause a purchase to be declined, and a late fee will not be charged if past due fees are lessthan $25.00
  • On the Manage Members page in, a next and previous button has been added to the member's detail page so that you can view numerous pages of member details without having to go back to the Manage Member's page each time.
  • When entering a new listing in the marketplace on the member site as well as in manage.vbarter, the length of the Item Name and the Short Description have been increased to allow for more room, while not affecting the page display format or the daily new listing email.
  • When entering a new listing, users can now select multiple categories for the listing to appear in, so when searching for a product or service listing, more offers will display.
  • On the Manage Members page in, additional navigation filters have ben added to view selected number of members, next and previous page, as well as All members.
  • On the Item Manager page in, the column headers are now clickable to resort the item list.
  • The Items display in the Item Manager have been separated into Local and Global. By selecting the appropriate link on the sub-menu you can view Local items (listings in your exchange) or Global Items (listings from members in other exchanges that your exchange is linked to). You can also check the Hide box on any Global Item Listing to hide the listing from displaying in your exchange.
  • Added 1099b trade sales details on the bottom of member's December and January statements, as well as added a new link on the Exchange tab to Send 1099b total sales details to members by email.
  • A free mobile app branded with your logo, that enables members to view their account balance, post a sale, view the marketplace and member directory, is now available to all exchanges with Pro level and above subscriptions.


  • When using the action button to post a payment by check, the description on the member's statement now displays Check instead of EFT.
  • Fixed the issue with certain browsers not being able to delete Inbox messages.
  • Corrected certain drop down slection boxes that were not in alphabetical order.
  • Modified the database query on certain reports that were taking too long to display.
  • Fixed the issue in Content Manager where some exchanges weren't able to change the images on the Featured Stories.
  • Added payment chargeback details in the transaction history on member's statements.

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Change Log
Posted by Bruce Kamm on December 02 2011 07:35 PM

As we implement many small enhancements and tweaks to the vBarter software each month, the Change Log will provide fixes, modification and enhancement details to exchange administrators.

2011-12-01: The application to send reminder notifications to admins or a member's broker that hasn't been working properly for some exchanges, has been fixed.

2011-12-01: The latency issue that caused a delay in displaying an exchange's statement in the vBarter network when clicking on View Statement on the Exchange tab, has been fixed. The occasional temporary system freeze-up due to this issue has been eliminated.

2011-12-02: A view statement link has been added to the CH tab. Therefore, exchanges with Network or Clearinghouse level versions of vBarter can now not only view statements for transactions in and out of their individual exchanges on the exchange tab, but in and and out of the network or clearinghouse on the CH tab as well.

2011-12-02: We have added a live chat button to as well as to Starting next week, you will be able to chat with sales and support personnel in real time to get quick answers to questions or issues. If there isn't an agent available, you will have the opportunity to send a message.

2012-01-04: We have added a QuickFind to Add Broker to make it easier when selecting member accounts to convert to broker accounts.

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vBarter Software Update
Posted by Bruce Kamm on November 24 2011 06:40 PM

There were numerous software updates and enhancements over the past six months. Many of the enhancements provide for optional features such as API communication between different software applications, mobile phone apps, an Android app, and an iPhone app. 

Following details several of the more notable system enhancements...

vBarter's API server has several new API's that can enable exchanges to add members, query member information, post transactions, get account balance data and more from other software applications and websites. Exchanges desiring custom applications, specialized marketplaces or marketing websites can use these APIs to integrate vBarter functionality into other websites.

Exchanges with Pro subscriptions and above now have a mobile optimized website branded with your logo. Members can login, view account information, post a transaction, search the member directory and view latest marketplace offers with any browser software on any smartphone.

On the Content tab, you can now add video code from You Tube or any other video hosting site to display a video on the home page instead of the about text. 

On the Manage Members page, a new QuickPay icon was added to the Action Buttons to post the receipt of a payment by check or cash from a member. Posting a payment updates the member statement as well as batch processing.

On the Manage Members page, a new Referrals icon was added to the Action Buttons to easily send referrals to members. Simply click the hand icon to select the members and categories that you want to refer to a member and click Send. The member will receive an email with the contact information of all of the referrals you selected grouped together by their business categories.

On the Items tab, we have separated local items (items listed by your exchange members) from global items (items listed by members of other exchanges that your exchange is linked to). You can also filter individual global items that you do not want to display in your exchange by checking the box in the global item manager.

It is now easier to send mail to one or more members, or one or more vBarter alliance exchanges. Simply use the Send Mail app on the Mail tab to send an attractively formatted email branded with your logo to members or exchanges.

All email correspondence and system notices are now sent with the exchange administrator's email address in the From field so that members can reply to emails and notifications. In addition, the emails and templates have been updated.

Watch for addtional updates coming soon...

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VirtualBarter Launches Enhanced Support Suite
Posted by Bruce Kamm on November 23 2011 07:29 PM

Welcome to the all new Support Suite featuring news, an article knowledgebase, real time chat with barter professionals and support personel, and a support ticketing system to get answers to your questons, and resolutions to technical issues.

Be sure to check back often to find new tips and ideas. Subscribe to the news feed to get notified about the latest updates by email. And, enter any questions or software issues in the ticketing system for fastest response.

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